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We at Track Solutions, provide solutions for diversified industry verticals.  We cater and address the various staffing requirements in almost all management functionalities, at various levels. We understand our client’s requirements very precisely and with our vast experience in the staffing industry, we provide solutions based on proper evaluation and understanding of the business needs.  Thus, we are able to provide the best staffing results across the industry. 

Our core strength is our innovative strategies for staffing solutions.  These are tailor made solutions that are customised to meet the changing environmental needs  of the current business scenario.  As part of our strategies, we work very closely with our clients and thereby help them in identifying, engaging, training and retaining of professionals.  Our team of skilled professionals across various industries, enable the clients to pick the right candidates meeting their requirements.  Our turn-around time is quite fast and we are specialised and committed in delivering results which has earned us high reputation among our clients.  With our high ethical standards of work, we have moved in as a leading staffing organisation.

Contract staffing, as it is defined, is an association between an organisation and its employee or staff for a fixed duration or period of time.  The duration may be months or years but is well defined and extendable or renewable.  Contract staffing thereby helps businesses to selectively pick and add their business workforce in specific areas, as and when needed.  Contract staffing is entirely different from temporary staffing in that, temporary staffing are selected as a whole while Contract staff are selected individually.  Individuals thus selected are professionals and are picked up based on their ability to handle specific tasks in specific areas.

We at Track solutions, provide our clients valuable service when it comes to Contract staffing. We help identifying the right candidate with right qualifications and experience and who can rightly fit into the contractual position as per the business needs.

We have a large database of candidates from which we can quickly provide our clients with the candidates who can fit into the position.  We also assist the candidates in trying to meet the client’s requirement, if they can fulfil and fit the role assigned.Contact our helpdesk for further details.