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As everyone knows, human resource is a vital factor for any industry, from agriculture to aeronautics, cotton weaving to computer manufacturing, rubber industry to rocket launch.
The function of HR, has increased gradually right from concentrating on 4 R functions, such as recruitment, retention, remuneration and handling retirement of the employees.
The wide prospects of any industry, makes human resource and the department that handles it become crucial. While the marketing department focuses on the external customer, HR department, has to take care of its external as well as its internal clients / customers i.e. the staffs of its organisation, their wellbeing, welfare measures that needs to be focussed along with the morale of its employees, customers, suppliers and interested stake holder's feedback. The paradigm shift of HR department’s prospects, changes in line with the companies policies, prospects, requirements, trend etc.,
Like the product cycle, the requirement of each corporate also changes, the human needs / human resources (HR) requirements

changes in line with the growth potentialities of any business of trading or service or manufacturing industry.  Hence, in order to facilitate the demand of an industry, HR departments focus on recruitment, retention, remuneration and retirement strategies also changes, for the wellbeing of the entity.  During the period of growth, or after predicting the period of growth, it has to focus much on hiring/ recruitment, and has to plan for the career of the existing employees their future place in the organisation through their career / succession planning.  When an industry hibernates, it focus on accelerating the growth through the available potential human resources, helps through help desk by way of counselling, mentoring, training, re-defining through centralisation and de-centralisation initiatives according to the need of an organisation, whether it is a manufacturing industry, or a service oriented industry, such as BPO, IT, ITES etc.,
We take care of software companies’ requirements by providing them adequate support on their temporary, contract and permanent staffing requirement, to achieve their target based projects. Contact our help desk for requirements.