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Permanent Placement Recruitment

Three vital factors affected by open positions in organisations are:  Money, Time and Energy.  Going through thousands of Resumes from job-seekers that are stacked and filter out those which do not meet the requirements for the position is hectic.   In doing this, huge amount of resources like money, time and energy are spent unnecessarily.  At the same time, open positions continue and thereby impact production.

At Track Solutions, we dedicate ourselves to deliver long-term value to our clients.  We are result-oriented and provide permanent staffing / recruitments.  Our permanent staffing services are:

·         Define and clarify the position / requirment for the position

·         Search and identify the right candidate meeting the specifics

·         Assist in hiring the right candidate

·         Work together with HR Managers / Human Resource Team to staff the position effectively and efficiently from the marketplace.  

·         Focus on the right skills and esure  the required cultural fitness.

·         Ensure the longevity of the placement

·         Use proven process and methodologies driven by our expertise, to search, screen and recommend the right candidate with the right skills

·         Purely recommend the candidates based on research, culture of the company, locational and the wholehearted preparedness of candidates to pursue the position.

We develop recruitment strategies and permanent placement solutions according to specific needs and business objects, thus providing solutionsthat exactly match the organisational requirements.

We maintain continuous communication with all individuals placed permanently, even after placement process is completed.  This improves the quality of retention of the candidates.

We at Track Solutions fully screen resumes, identify and select ideal candidates with the required qualifications and expertise in every industry and thereby provide instant access to top-notch candidates.  Thus, with our expertise on identifying talented candidates,  we provide you with time saving, cost effective permanent placement solutions.  We recommend the right people who fits in the right job and contribute to the success of the organisation for the long term.

With our recruiting experience and network of expertise, we apply consultations and select specific strategies to identify the right and fitting candidate for open positions. This is also in alignment with the organisational objectives, business needs and demands and culture.  We focus on reduced recruitment, interview, on board and training costs.  This results on immediate productivity benefits and increases value addition in enhanced ROI.

 Besides these, we also specialise in Contract-to-permanent placement, volume recruitments and project based recruitments for given specific timeframes.  Contact our helpdesk for further details.